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Hampshire Military Museums Network

The Hampshire Military Museums Network is supported by the Hampshire Solent Museum Development Programme. Membership is open to: Accredited museums in Hampshire holding significant military collections; Hampshire museums or other bodies with significant military collections working towards Accreditation; and public agencies and organisations whose remit includes the support or provision of military museums.

 Its aims are:

  • To act as an information network.
  • To facilitate internal and external communication, consultation and liaison.
  • To achieve economies of scale in joint initiatives.
  • To contribute to policy development and strategy formulation.
  • To help promote military heritage and the care of collections in Hampshire.
  • To help raise standards in museum practice.

The next meeting of the Hampshire Military Museums Network is planned for May 2016.

The last meeting took place on 12 November 2015 on the subject oof Visitor Services in Military Museums. Please find copies of the presentations of the day here.

To get involved, email