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Materials from P2P Collection Cataolguing

Maidstone Museum and AdLib

The Collection Team at Maidstone Museum have been putting recent AdLib training into action (read their Case Study here).

Download P2P_Maidstone_Museum___AdLib.pdf...

Powell-Cotton Museum and FileMaker

Find out how the Powell-Cotton Museum developed their bespoke collections management system in FileMaker.

Download P2P_Powell_Cotton_Museum___FileMaker.pdf...

East Grinstead Museum and Modes for Windows

By using older versions of Modes for Windows and some clever programming, East Grinstead Museum have implemented a user-friendly catalogue.

Download P2P_East_Grinstead_Museum___Modes_for_Windows.pdf...

In 2013, East Grinstead Museum applied for, and won, a Collections Trust Award for their cataloguing processes. 

Read the applciation below:

Download Collections_Trust_Awards___Nomination_Form_April_2013_EGRTM.pdf...

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