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Cohort 1 update

August 2016

For recent project activities and updates, see our Summer 2016 Newsletter:

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16th March 2016

Since the last update, project activity has focused on the recruitment of Cohort 3; this included the delivery of a workshop at the 'Hampshire Solent Museums Open Forum' held at Milestones Museum. We are delighted to announce that Bursledon Brickworks, The Classic Boat Museum, The Diving Museum, Eling Tide Mill and Whitchurch Silk Mill, Southampton Arts & Heritage and Hampshire Cultural Trust are all now part of Cohort 3. Romilly is beginning the philanthropy audits with the above so we can put together a tailor-made training programme for this new cohort.

A number of workshops on 'peer development and learning' have been delivered which will enable Cohort 1 to mentor Cohort 3 in the coming year as well as provide support for the museums in Cohort 1. 

Last month an event was held at the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce to introduce Cohort 1 to the Chamber; since this event, all the museums which attended have made business approaches. 

A conference aimed at learning and development for mentors took place in February and was attended by Cohort 1 and 2 mentors. The event was organised by SEMDP and SW Fed with 'Inspiring a Culture of Philanthropy' leading a fundraising skills workshop.

In addition, following the launch of the bursary and training schemes, both Cohort 1 and 2 are considering various initiatives which will provide additional training for their individual organisations.

The delivery of a 'database management' course took place in January at SeaCity Museum; our thanks to Southampton Arts & Heritage for providing this venue.

Finally, in conjunction with Norfolk Museums Service, an 'Enterprise & Philanthropy: building relationships to fund museums' conference was held at The Museum of London earlier this month. A short film featuring interviews with Petersfield Museum, Gilbert White's House and HMS Warrior has been produced and was shown during the conference.

14th January 2016

Welcome back to another busy year of programme activity which will include philanthropy master classes; peer support skill sharing; meet the donor panel sessions; sector expert support; fundraising workshops and mentoring. Cohort 1 has also been offered access to online donor directories provided by the Directory of Social Change.

In addition Hampshire Cultural Trust, Southampton City Council and Norfolk Museums Service are organising a conference to share the learning from the Heritage Lottery Funded Catalyst projects on 2nd March in London 'Enterprise and Philanthropy: building relationships to fund museums'. This conference is open to all museums and anyone involved in museum fundraising.

A 'Cultural Celebration' for the museums and organisations involved in the ICP project will also take place in the Great Hall in Winchester in October. This will be an opportunity for museums from all three cohorts to meet with philanthropists and businesses and other donors. The event will showcase culture in Hampshire and involve performance and local produce from the Hampshire Solent region. The event is being organised by The Fundraising Practice and details will be sent out in due course.

  • From this month, cohort 1 has the opportunity to apply for funding for specific 'in-house training activities' to develop skills across the organisation and further embed fundraising. The documents below give details on the scheme and how to apply (in both Word and PDF form). If you would like to discuss the scheme or your application, please email the Project Team in the first instance:

Download ICP_In_House_training_scheme_Guidelines_v0.1.docx...

10th December

As a 'thank you' to everyone involved in the project, a Christmas Drinks reception was held at St John's House, Winchester. Representatives from cohort 1 and 2 together with members of the Project Advisory Group, mentors, our partners and the project team came along. In addition, we were delighted to welcome Perdita Hunt, Director, from the Watts Gallery who gave some inspirational advice on fundraising, injecting a wonderful air of positivity and fun into the evening. Project Director, Romilly Beard commented 'It was great to see so many people there and to have the opportunity to share our achievements and network'.

3rd December

'Individual donors' workshop, SeaCity Museum

Following the last two workshops, another workshop on ‘Individual Donors: cultivating mid to high level giving’ took place this week, to which both cohorts were invited to attend. This was led by JW Fundraising and focused on increasing knowledge on profiling and identifying donors, planning and cultivation, data management and networking. One to one fundraising clinics were also offered at the end of the workshop. Feedback on the content and delivery has been very positive with one participant commenting 'it was incredibly useful to have an expert offer bespoke advice according to our individual aims and objectives'.

Our thanks to SeaCity Museum and Southampton City Council for generously hosting this workshop.

In addition, a training session for all the mentors involved in the project took place at St. John’s House in Winchester. This was an opportunity to receive additional training focused on mentoring an organisation as opposed to an individual as well as networking and meeting the other project mentors. Our thanks to Lucy Marder, Cultural Partnerships Officer from South East Museums Development Programme for delivering another great training course as well as to the mentors who gave up their time and attended.

The next workshop will take place on Thursday 28th January and will focus on 'databases'. Further information will be sent out in due course. Additional workshops are also being planned and details will be available shortly.

A series of webinars are now available on our web pages together with the resources from the various training sessions.

12th November

'Membership and Patrons' workshop, Royal Green Jackets Museum, 10th November

During the last few weeks, workshops on ‘Research: the people you want to reach and how to reach them’ and ‘Membership and Patron schemes’ have taken place, with representatives from both cohort 1 and 2 attending. Places were also offered to guest museums based in the South West of England and we were pleased to welcome Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft, The Museum of Sussex Archaeological Society and The Roman Baths museum amongst others.

Our thanks to the Royal Green Jackets Museum who kindly hosted the workshop on ‘Membership and Patron schemes’ in the Kincaid Gallery. This was a great space for the discussions with the museum's collection of portraits and paintings lining the walls providing a splendid back-drop. Emily Jundi, of JW Fundraising, who led the workshop said 'Participants were very engaged throughout. The learning combined with sharing of experiences and ideas made it a very productive experience for everyone.'

Another workshop on ‘Individual donors: cultivating mid to high level giving’ is taking place on 2nd December at SeaCity Museum, SouthamptonInformation and registration.

We are also working in partnership with Norfolk Museums Service to present a one-day conference sharing the learning from the Heritage Lottery Funded Catalyst Umbrella projects. Keynote speakers include Anne Young, Head of Strategic Business Development at the Heritage Lottery Fund and Clare Titley, Director of Philanthropy at Arts Council England. Museums from the Hampshire Solent, East of England and museums in the rest of the country are invited to attend. This will take place on 2nd March at the Museum of LondonInformation and registration.

We are now moving into the final year of the project and would like to extend an invitation to any museum in the Hampshire Solent region to join the third and final cohort for the project. The deadline for completing an Expression of Interest form is 5th February.

28th October

Following the 'Showcase' event in September, a de-brief session took place at Chilcomb House on 8th October. Discussions focused on how the museums used the event to promote themselves to an audience of potential donors as well as areas for improvement and learning. The cohort gave their views and input on the format for the collaborative event for 2016 which will involve cohorts 2 and 3. Museums were also given advice on how to follow up any contacts they made. As a direct result of the 'Showcase', we are delighted to hear that a number of warm contacts are being developed; in particular, one of our museums will be attending a networking dinner with a large corporate next month. The event demonstrated that not only is collaborative working viewed positively by donors but also that this is an effective way to showcase their combined heritage product and share costs. Following their experience of the ‘Showcase’, some of the museums are planning their own collaborative events for the future.

7 October 2015

'HorsePower Musuem' at the 'Showcase' event at Southampton City Gallery.

On 30 September, the 9 organisations in cohort 1 came together to showcase their collective heritage offer.

Supported by The Fundraising Practice, the group worked together on all aspects of the event from deciding the format to the invitation letter and brochure, to the guest list and venue to the food and drink provided.

The venue of Southampton City Art Gallery was kindly provided by Southampton City Council, which proved ideal given the layout of the Gallery. Guests were a mixture of stakeholders, our project partners and other interested parties including representatives from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Southampton City Council, South East Museum Development Programme, Hampshire Cultural Trust, local businesses, potential donors, Friends and Trustees of the museums and members of the Project Advisory Group.

The museums did a wonderful job of representing themselves and engaging with the guests using their knowledge and enthusiasm together with their varied marketing materials. HMS Warrior even brought along a piece of rotten timber from the ship to illustrate the desperate need for funds!

Thank you to everyone at Southampton City Art Gallery for providing such a prestigious venue. Several guests commented on the impressive art collection and clearly enjoyed having the opportunity to visit this wonderful venue.

11 September

Cohort 1 is continuing to work hard on organising the forthcoming Showcase event which takes place on 30th September at Southampton Art Gallery. This collaborative event will showcase the cultural heritage within the museums in the Hampshire Solent region.

The cohort has also been invited to take part in a workshop focusing on ‘Research: the people you want to reach and how to reach them’. This workshop will be led by Leo Sharrock, Head of Data Strategy at the Audience Agency.

Additional workshops are being planned on specific fundraising issues and details will be sent out shortly.

30 July

Earlier this month, some valuable discussions took place during the Project Advisory Group meeting and feedback will be used to shape the project going forward. Thank you to all the members who gave up their time and attended.

Mentoring of Cohort 1 continues and Romilly has spoken to all the mentors for Cohort 1 as well as the mentee organisations to gain an understanding of the input provided by the mentors. This element of the programme is proving beneficial to both parties with both learning useful insights and experience. Additional mentors are still required for Cohort 2. Mentoring for cohort 2 will start in October 2015. Please share this information with anyone with fundraising experience who could be trained as a mentor.

In addtion to these updates, Romilly is also in the process of undertaking review meetings with Cohort 1. This includes reviewing progress over the last twelve months and tailoring support for the next year of development activity within the project.

Planning of the Showcase event is going well with regular meetings between the Cohort 1 museums and The Fundraising Practice taking place. The Cohort is also taking part in Action Learning Set (ALS) meetings where real issues and challenges facing the museums are discussed are discussed using a structured questioning and action setting technique.

Over the coming weeks, the current training programme and providers will be evaluated to determine the workshops for October 2015 – February 2016.

15 July

Workshops this month, to which both Cohort 1 and 2 have been invited, include 'Fundraising from Corporates', led by Michelle Wright at Cause 4; 'Legacy Fundraising' led by specialist consultant, Dr Claire Routley; and 'Community Fundraising' led by Janine Edwards at the Foundation for Social Improvement. In addition to representatives from the cohorts, staff from guest museums in the SE and SW of England also participated. The workshops have been well received by the participants. Many thanks to HMS Warrior and also Hampshire Cultural Trust for providing the venues.

Cohort 1 has also been invited to attend specific shadowing opportunities and coaching sessions. The mentoring programme continues to work well with regular meetings taking place between the mentee organisations and mentors. An informal training session for the mentors will take place on 23rd September at Chilcomb House, Winchester. The session, led by the South East Museum Development Programme, will build on previous mentor training.

Meanwhile, work on organising the Showcase event on 30th September continues, supported by The Fundraising Practice. This will be an exciting opportunity for museums in the project to promote themselves collaborately and showcase their heritage offer.

The next Project Advisory Group meeting takes place this week in London where members will be asked for their advice and support relating to their areas of expertise regarding the project.

2 July 2015

On Tuesday 30 June, a workshop on 'Volunteers and organisational buy-in' took place at Basing House. Discussions focused on understanding who the key consitituents and advocates are within an organisation; articulating a consistent, shared 'case for support'; and motivating volunteers to become core advocates for effective fundraising.

The session was led by external trainer, Joanna Ridout who commented that 'all worked hard and took away practical action plans to implement in their organisations to engage their internal constituents (volunteers, staff and more).'

Thank you to Basing House for providing such a tranquil and relaxed venue with both indoor and outdoor learning spaces.

3 June 2015

The last few months have been busy for Cohort 1 with continuing training sessions throughout April and May. Thank you to Southampton Arts and Heritage and also to Portsmouth City Museum for their generous hosting in such impressive venues: Westgate Hall in Southampton and the Esther Room in Portsmouth respectively.

Feedback from the museums on these sessions together with the workshops on Action Learning Sets, databases and crowd-funding has been very positive. The next few weeks will see additional work amongst the group taking place on Action Learning Sets as well as planning for the Showcase event in September.

The next workshop is on 'The role of Trustees in Fundraising' on 4th June at The Museum of Army Flying, led by Cause4; followed by workshops on 'Research: the people you want to reach and how' on 23rd June; 'Volunteers and organisational buy-in' on 30th June; 'Fundraising from Corporates' on 3rd July; 'Legacy Fundraising' on 9th July' and 'Community Fundraising' on 15th July.

30 March 2015

On Monday 30 March, another training session for cohort 1 musuems took place at Chilcomb House, Winchester. Thank you to everyone who attended as well as the trainers, Margot Walker and Katie Flaherty from The Audience Agency, for making the day such a success. The focus for the session was making the case for support and helping the museums compose their fundraising story.

The next training sessions for cohort 1 are on Tuesday 5 May at Westgate Hall, Southampton and Wednesday 13 May at Portsmouth City Museum. In addtion, a database workshop is taking place on Wednesday 20 May at the Physic Garden, Petersfield and another on Thursday 28 May at Winchester Discovery Centre which will look at the mobile giving platform 'DONATE'.

Mentoring meetings are now in full swing and reports from both the mentors and mentee organisations have been very positive. Additional mentors are required for cohort 2 - if you are interested or would like further information, please contact Romilly.

We are recruiting museums for cohort 2 and Romilly is now visiting our new recruits to conduct the philanthropy audits which will inform and shape the bespoke training programme for this cohort. On Tuesday 28 April, we are holding a participants launch event where representatives from the museums will meet each other in an informal environment as well as meet members of our Project Advisory Group.


25 February 2015

The first training session for Cohort 1 took place on 23 February at the Museum of Army Flying, led by Pam Pfrommer and Margot Walker from the Audience Agency. An outline of the topics covered is given in the update below and the sessions were supported by detailed resources. Thank you to the Museum of Army Flying for providing such an interesting venue.

The event aimed at planning the Showcase Event is now scheduled for Wednesday 13 May. This will be led and supported by the Fundraising Practice. Further details will be released on this shortly.

Mentoring meetings are getting underway and Stage 2 mentor training takes place tomorrow in Salisbury.

We are still accepting applications to Cohort 2 - please do contact us if you are interested. The project is a great opportunity for your museum to develop fundraising skills through this fully funded programme. Training is tailored to your needs and you will be supported by a mentor throughout the programme. There is also a strong emphasis on networking, collaboration and learning from each other.

12 February 2015

Following a successful Stage 1 training session for our Cohort 1 mentors last week (thank you to our Museum Development Officer, Lucy Marder), mentors have now been matched up with their mentee organisation and are keen to start working with them. We expect the first meetings to take place within the next month. Stage 2 mentoring training takes place on Thursday 26 February in Salisbury. Additional mentors are also required for Cohort 2; if you are interested in joining our on-going mentoring programme or know someone who might be, further information is available here. The mentoring programme will complement the bespoke training sessions which start at the end of this month.

The Philanthropy Fundamentals training sessions will be led by The Audience Agency and topics include:

  • Session 1: Situational analysis (the funding landscape; analytical tools for fundraising; researching and stakeholder mapping)
  • Session 2: Making the case (developing the proposal; opportunities and approaches for using consultants and development boards)
  • Session 3: Defining the ‘ask’ (communication tools and techniques for philanthropy ‘asks’; managing and embedding learning in teams and evaluating success)

Applications for Cohort 2 are open and we look forward to welcoming more museums to the project.

29 January 2015

Last week representatives from Cohort 1 met at The Gurkha Museum in Winchester to continue networking and learn more about the bespoke training programme. The group was  introduced to The Audience Agency and The Fundraising Practice which have been appointed to deliver the Philanthropy Fundamentals training and the Business and Donor Engagement strands of the project. They also had an introductory session on Action Learning Sets with Lucy Marder, Museum Development Officer. These will form part of the training programme and will be used to share fundraising issues.

Training dates for Cohort 1 have now been set: 23 February, 30 March and 5 May. There will also be a Showcase event on 30 September which will be an opportunity for Cohort 1 to showcase their museums to stakeholders.

The Project Advisory Group also met last week and gave some valuable advice to the project team regarding the mentoring programme; the bursary scheme; and training and advocacy programme delivery. Following this, it has been decided to postpone the bursary scheme to year 2 (Stage 2) to give Cohort 1 time to further understand their needs. Bursaries will be allocated primarily for shadowing opportunities.

HLF project reports are available here.

The first group of mentors will be attending a training session in London next week and following this, Cohort 1 will be matched to their mentor.

7 January 2015

Following a selection process towards the end of last year, trainers have now been appointed. The Audience Agency will deliver the philanthropy training sessions and The Fundraising Practice will deliver the donor and business engagement elements. Training for Cohort 1 will start next month and will continue throughout the year.

The project is also seeking mentors: if you have a background in fundraising ideally within a museum, arts or heritage setting or an interest in this area and would like to be involved, please contact the Project Director. Free training is provided for those with no formal mentoring experience. Further information on the mentoring programme is provided here.

Apply to join: applications to join the next phase of this project which will help your organisation improve its ability to raise funds from philanthropic sources are now open. Further information.

11 December 2014

Earlier this month, representatives from Cohort 1 attended a meeting hosted by HMS Warrior 1860. The meeting gave everyone the opportunity to share their reasons for taking part in the project and discuss their requirements for potential shared infrastructure developments. The Cohort will meet again in January and further details will be sent out in due course.

To encourage a supportive learning environment, museums will be allocated a mentor to further develop their business skills; develop links with the philanthropic and business communities; and showcase their heritage product. We are currently recruiting mentors who have the opportunity to attend free training courses in London on 4th February and Salisbury on 26th February. Further information on the mentoring programme is available here.

The procurement process for selecting trainers is also underway: the shortlist has been drawn up and interviews will be carried out next week.


20 November 2014

On 30th October, the Participants Launch took place in the Wintanceaster Gallery at Winchester City Museum. The Museum, which brings to life the story of Winchester’s past using archaeological artefacts, mosaics and reconstructed Victorian High Street shops, was a delightful venue for the Launch.

The event was well attended by representatives from our museums in Cohort 1; members of the Project Advisory Group (PAG); project partners including HLF, Southampton City Council, Winchester City Council, Hampshire County Council and Hampshire Cultural Trust; and the project team.

Romilly Beard, Project Director, comments: ‘There was certainly a good buzz in the room and the event gave everyone the opportunity to meet each other and network while enjoying the surroundings of the museum.’

Following the Launch, the first meeting of the Project Advisory Group took place. This group will guide and direct the project as well as provide invaluable expertise to the museum cohort.


28 August 2014: Cohort 1 philanthropy audits complete

Following the announcement of the Cohort 1 museums, each museum has now completed a philanthropy audit.

The audits took the form of a detailed questionnaire which evaluated five skill areas:

1) philanthropic fundamentals

2) understanding the fundraising environment

3) leadership

4) relationship management and

5) capacity building.

The audits will now be analysed and a training programme drawn up.

‘I really enjoyed meeting the representatives from the museums and also having the opportunity to understand more about their needs. We’re looking forward to working closely with Cohort 1 and providing them with the tools to enable them to develop their skills and engage with the philanthropic community more effectively.’ Romilly Beard, Project Director

The next couple of months will see the formal launch of the project and also the first meeting of the Project Advisory Group (PAG) which will guide and direct the project.