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Opportunities and training with a small coloured logo in the title, are those that have been organised, funded and facilitated by the South East Museum Development Programme.

Acceptance in Lieu scheme

The Arts Council has announced, through the Acceptance in Lieu Scheme, the availability of 40 works by the leading British contemporary artist Auerbach and additional works for allocation - live on the Arts Council website.

By clicking on the pink text, ‘Items available for permanent allocation’, this will open a pdf document that sets out the basis on which museums and galleries can apply and lists the items that are available and provides images of all the works.

There are ten groups of oils and charcoal works by Auerbach (Groups A to J) and a group of smaller drawings by Auerbach (Group K). In addition there is a group of 5 small card/sketches sent from Auerbach to Lucian Freud (Group L), 2 etchings by Auerbach (Group M) and then individual works by Michel Andrews, John Lessore, Picasso and Jack B Yeats (Groups N to P).

Applicants have until Friday 21 November 2014 to submit their application and all of the works by Auerbach will be on public view at Tate Britain from 25 August to 2 November.

Currently a selection of the Auerbachs is hanging in the Manchester City Art Gallery until 10 August.  All these details are in the pdf document on the Arts Council’s website.

Any enquires should be sent to Gerry McQuillan - tel: 020 7268 9593.

There is also a further piece in the Museums Journal.