Training and Events

Opportunities and training with a small coloured logo in the title, are those that have been organised, funded and facilitated by the South East Museum Development Programme.

Funding from the Foyle Foundation

Small Grants Scheme

The Foyle Foundation Small Grants Scheme is designed to support smaller charities in the UK, especially those working at grass roots and local community level, in any field, across a wide range of activities.

They plan to make one year grants of between £1,000 and £10,000 to charities which can demonstrate that such a grant will make a significant difference to their work. Please note that demonstrating ongoing sustainability is also important, particularly if you have recently lost local authority or other regular funding. No multi-year funding awards will be made. There are no deadlines for submission. Applications can be submitted at all times but it may take up to four months to obtain a decision from Trustees. Please apply well in advance of your requirements.

See, for an application form.

Main Grants Scheme - Arts

The Foundation seeks applications that make a strong artistic case for support in either the performing or visual arts. Their Arts programme has a two-fold purpose to help sustain the arts and to support projects that particularly help to deliver artistic vision. They look for value for money and sustainability in projects that we support.

Typical areas of support include: 

  • helping to make the arts more accessible by developing new audiences, supporting tours, festivals and arts educational projects;
  • encouraging new work and supporting young and emerging artists;
  • building projects that improve or re-equip existing arts venues (rather than construction of new facilities, although this will not be excluded);
  • projects that reduce overheads or which help generate additional revenue.

Generally, they make grants for specific projects/activities. They will consider applications for core funding (but generally only from smaller organisations or from those not receiving recurrent revenue funding from the Arts Council or local authorities).

See for guidance and an application form.

Main Grants Scheme – Learning

The Foundation will support projects which facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and which have a long-term strategic impact. Key areas for support are:

  • libraries, museums and archives; and 
  • special educational needs and learning difficulties;
  • projects that reduce overheads or which help generate additional revenue will also be considered.

See for guidance and an application form.