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Green Touring

Tuesday 9th October 2018

Join Julie's Bicycle for a webinar on the environmental impacts and good practices of touring cultural work. 

For many people, tours offer the only means to experience theatre, dance and performance in their local area. Given the increasing emphasis and cultural value of touring artistic work - and the resulting environmental impact - there is a need to develop a more sustainable model that embraces environmental practice. 

This webinar will explore what climate change means for tours, and how touring organisations can develop their environmental practice through developing a collaborative approach with critical partners across the touring supply chain. Using examples from the sector we'll show you the benefits of adopting an environmentally conscientious approach to your tours.

Structure of the session

The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Context: what does touring mean for climate and the environment - what are the impacts, challenges and opportunities?

  • Practice: an overview of environmental practice including measuring and managing impacts, route planning, production and materials, travel, logistics and stakeholder engagement.

  • Examples: what good practice is happening within the sector, and what benefits has it brought?

  • Support: what resources are available to develop your green touring practice?

  • Q+A

Webinar host

Lucy Latham, Julie's Bicycle

This webinar is aimed at Arts Council England organisations who tour cultural work.

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