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Opportunities and training with a small coloured logo in the title, are those that have been organised, funded and facilitated by the South East Museum Development Programme.

Museums Computer Group Conference - Museums+Tech 2017

Friday 3rd November 2017

Museums+Tech 2017 will be held at the Imperial War Museum, London, on Friday 3 November 2017.

Tech in a divided world

This year’s theme is “tech in a divided world”. 2017 is set to be a challenging year – personally, politically, economically and socially – as the Brexit referendum and international elections made long-standing divisions in society impossible to ignore. 2016 shows that what we know about the state of the world is affected by where we live, our education, and by how we get our news. Museums, too, operate in polarised societies. The 2017 conference asks whether digital experiences, collections and exhibitions can help create a shared understanding of our world.

At this year’s conference we will be asking: what is the role of digital technologies and platforms, whether social media, mobile apps, websites, gallery guides, publications, podcasts, videos or virtual or augmented reality experiences in a divided world? Can museums provide a shared space where those with a range of world views recognise themselves, or where the impact of the ‘filter bubble’ may be reduced – and if so, can digital experiences have the same impact?

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