Training and Events

Opportunities and training with a small coloured logo in the title, are those that have been organised, funded and facilitated by the South East Museum Development Programme.

Webinar: The Resilient Museum

Wednesday 27th January 2016


11am - 1pm

What can museums do as buildings, social spaces, and cultural institutions to embody sustainable practice - environmentally, socially and economically?

This webinar is designed to provide a holistic overview of sustainability within museums and will include examples from the sector and transferable actions for improvement.

Lucy Latham, Environmental Sustainability Coordinator at Julie's Bicycle will be joined by Hilary Jennings, Director of the Happy Museum Project.

Hilary was co-author of Sustainable Ability, mapping approaches to climate change across the cultural sector and co-founded the Case for Optimism, creating space for cultural practitioners to respond creatively to global challenges. As Director of the Happy Museum Project she works to build connections between culture, well-being and sustainability. She is trustee of the global Transition Network, BioRegional (One Planet Living) and Interim Chair of the Craft Industry Board. She swims outdoors at Tooting Lido and is an active member of Transition Town Tooting.

Join Julie’s Bicycle and a range of creative professionals for presentations and a live discussion which will showcase technical and behavioural interventions to support happy, healthy and resilient community spaces and workplaces.

We will be providing a range of ideas and case studies demonstrating how sustainability is being realised through efficient building design, green space provision, engagement and participation; with topics spanning: energy, waste, biodiversity, health and wellbeing.

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