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European Funding Project

Our project to support the development of high quality partnership applications for European Funding continues in 2016-17. You can find out about progress during 2015-16 here. The third support workshop took place in May 2016 and the supported projects also benefitted from intensive mentoring and hands-on support from Laurie Barriol of Inspire-EU.

The following partnership projects are continuing to participate in the project during 2016-17:

  • D-Day Perspectives: D-Day Museum, Portsmouth Museum and Visitor Services, plus partners
  • Learning from the Past: Poole Museum Service, Hampshire Cultural Trust, University College London, plus partners
  • Outside-In: Hampshire Cultural Trust, plus partners.

During this year, project delivered electronic resources published online via and the WIRP (Working Internationally Regional Project) website: EU Funding Top Tips and EU Funding Jargon Buster.

Project consultant: Laurie Barriol

Laurie Barriol is an experienced EU Funding Consultant.

For the last nine years Laurie has been working in European projects and programmes (Interreg, Erasmus +, Creative Europe) in France, Spain and UK. This provided her with a strong experience in developing and coordinating successful EU projects with various stakeholders.

Laurie is a French native speaker able to speak English and Spanish fluently. She developed Inspire-EU Consultancy in August 2014 based in Southampton to support organisations to develop and coordinate EU projects in the artistic, cultural, educative and social sectors.