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European Funding Project

Update 1 December 2015

We are pleased to announce that following the informative Workshop 1 on 17 November and the evaluation of proposals, the following partnership projects have been selected to access the two further workshops and benefit from intensive support from Laurie Barriol to submit high quality funding bids:

  • D-Day Perspectives: D-Day Museum, Portsmouth Museum and Visitor Services, plus partners
  • Learning from the Past: Poole Museum Service, Hampshire Cultural Trust, University College London, plus partners
  • International Peer Learning: Mary Rose Museum, Vasa Museum, plus partners


About the project

As part of our Cultural Partnerships work, we aim to  improve Hampshire Solent museums' capability and capacity to work internationally.

To support this aim, we are working with EU funding specialist Laurie Barriol, supported by Dana Andrew of the Working Internationally Regional Project, on a project that will identify partners that wish to collaborate on a 2-3 year project that focuses on developing capacity and capability to work internationally and support them to submit high quality applications for European funding.

UK organisations have a high rate of success in EU funding applications but we put in fewer applications than other EU countries. This project will support Hampshire Solent museums to develop the skills and confidence to develop great projects, establish effective partnerships and identify suitable funding sources. Participant museums will  receive intensive support to develop and submit high quality applications.

Key components include:

Workshop One – 17 November 2015

A one-day workshop for approximately 40 attendees to include:

  • Introduction to EU funding – what is available, key deadlines
  • European funding strategy 2020 – what they seek to fund
  • What a good project looks like with examples of successful EU projects
  • How to identify a match between funding opportunities and organisational goals
  • How to find European partners
  • Mapping current European contacts and networks
  • Project idea generation, to develop up to three project ideas
  • Initial formation of project partnership groups

Materials from Workshop One are now available online.

After Workshop One, up to three partnership groups have been selected to access two further workshops and benefit from intensive support from Laurie Barriol to submit high quality funding bids:

Workshop Two – 15 March 2016

A one-day workshop for approximately 15 attendees involved in a maximum of 3 project partnership groups identified through Workshop One. To include:

  • Project proposal development
  • Identification of project roles, including project leads
  • Identification of partner skills offers and gaps
  • Identification of additional partners
  • Mapping of project proposals to most suitable funding opportunities

Workshop Three – 17 May 2016

A one-day workshop for approximately 15 attendees involved in project partnership groups identified through Workshop One and developed through Workshop Two. To include:

  • Review of draft project bids, including collaboration between groups to review one another’s bids and provide constructive feedback
  • Partnership agreement development
  • Timescales and next steps to deliver effective bids
  • Sources of support for submission of successful bids e.g. Creative Europe bid writing training


Laurie will provide mentoring by telephone and email to support the selected project groups between the workshops and leading up to bid submission.

Support with partner research

Laurie will advise and support the lead partners to identify EU project partners, through a mentoring approach designed to support the lead partners will develop their capability and confidence in partnership research and development.


The project will deliver a bank of electronic resources to be published online via and the WIRP (Working Internationally Regional Project) website, including guidance and case studies.

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Project consultant: Laurie Barriol

Laurie Barriol is an experienced EU Funding Consultant.

For the last nine years Laurie has been working in European projects and programmes (Interreg, Erasmus +, Creative Europe) in France, Spain and UK. This provided her with a strong experience in developing and coordinating successful EU projects with various stakeholders.

Laurie is a French native speaker able to speak English and Spanish fluently. She developed Inspire-EU Consultancy in August 2014 based in Southampton to support organisations to develop and coordinate EU projects in the artistic, cultural, educative and social sectors.

This project is being delivered with the participation of:

Creative Europe

Interreg VA Channel programme

Working Internationally Regional Project