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Effective Retail in Small Museums

This project is being piloted in the BOB and SEWS sub regions in 2016/7. It consists of 3 elements:

1. A purchasing syndicate for museums with a turnover of c.£15,000 or less – providing access to reduced purchasing costs on shop merchandise (launched September 2016). Please contact the syndicate co-ordinator for futher information

2. How-to guides on for small museums on:

  • Small Museum Shops that are Profitable
  • Sourcing the Product Range
  • E-Commerce
  • Developing Bespoke Products

Please see below for downloads

3. Retail audits and action plans for individual museums. SEWS museums should contact their MDO for further information about how to participate in this stage.

Download Small_Museums_Shops_that_are_Profitable___A_Guide_for_Small_Museums_2016_3.pdf...