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Development Grant Scheme 2016-18

SEMDP Development Grants are available to museums and their staff and volunteers to improve and grow skills and abilities that will help your museum flourish.

Key features:

  • Maximum grant available is £2,000
  • Only museums that are Accredited or officially recognised as Working Towards Accreditation are eligible to apply
  • There are three routes to apply for grant funding:
    • MUSEUM - Organisational applications supporting the museum as a whole
    • INDIVIDUAL - Individual applications to support the development of a specific member of staff or volunteer
    • NETWORK - Network / Partnership applications are those that see more than one museum apply for joint development activity
  • Museums can submit one successful organisational grant application per year, and as many individual applications as appropriate. However, the sum of all applications (both individual and organisational) cannot contribute more than £2,000 funding in one year to one organisation.
  • Networks and partnerships can apply for a maximum of two individiual projects. However, jointly, the group cannot receive more than £2,000 funding in one year.
  • Applications can only be accepted when made using our online application form
  • Applications for development project that take place in 2017/8 are open from 23 March 2017 and will remain open until either all grant funding is distributed or until 31 December 2017 (whichever is the earlier). 
  • Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation of receipt with details on the decision timescale. We aim to assess and confirm the outcome of all applications within 3 weeks of receipt. 

Further Information

The Development Grant scheme supports museums to undertake development activities, enabling them to acquire the skills, capabilities and confidence they need to meet the challenges and demands of their work in the museums sector.

The scheme, which replaces the previous programme's Training Bursaries, opens up opportunities for Hampshire Solent museums to develop learning partnerships with one another and with other organisations, in ways that can provide truly transformative benefits.

For example, they can be used to:

  • Support collaboration by a group of museums to commission a learning activity that meets a common need.
  • Fund activities that bring museums together with other partners to learn, share and develop common approaches to shared areas of activity.
  • Enable museums to hold in-house events where external experts help them to find new and better ways to do things.
  • Make it possible for individual employees, Trustees or volunteers to take part in learning activities outside the Hampshire Solent area, for example specialist courses or conferences.

Applicants can develop and commission their own training or tap into what’s already available elsewhere. There’s a wealth of relevant, high quality development opportunities out there for museum staff, trustees and volunteers. Just take a look at the training calendar section for a taster, you’ll be amazed what’s on offer. Many involve conference fees and travel expenses, but the Hampshire Solent Development Grant scheme is in place to help,

Supporting SEMDP Strategic Themes

The Development Grants scheme supports our 2015-18 key themes:

Active Collections
Great Experiences
Better Business
Strong Leadership
Cross-cultural Partnerships
International Working

As part of your application you will be asked to identify which theme your project is most closley aligned to, and why.

Scheme Guidelines

Please read the scheme guidelines carefully and contact your MDO to discuss your proposal before submitting an application. Any applications received via our online application process will be bound by these guidelines.

Development Grant guidelines

Download HS_Development_Grant_Guidelines_2017_8.pdf...