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Cultural Partnerships

Hampshire Solent museums have identified a clear need within the Museum Development framework to develop specialist capacity at strategic level to build relationships and broker partnerships that nurture an environment of effective collaboration; and to support entrepreneurialism, business planning and fundraising.

Lucy Marder, Cultural Partnerships Officer  supports collaborations in the Hampshire Solent area, sharing best practice, and acting as a source of advice for others in the South East.

The Cultural Partnerships Officer role was created to:

  • Champion collaborative working and support the significant culture change this requires;
  • Provide capacity to facilitate the development and realisation of strategic collaborative projects;
  • Enable the wider cultural sector to connect and benefit from the collaborative projects, as well as raise their ambition to create their own collaborations;
  • Facilitate greater dialogue and strengthen relationships between the Hampshire Solent museum sector and the wider cultural sector;
  • Lever external funding to create additional capacity building opportunities over and above the museum development funding;
  • Push the boundaries of the Museum Development Programme to experiment with new methods of delivery that are sustainable, raise ambition and stretch the sector.

In the 2015-18 Museum Development programme, the Cultural Partnerships Officer’s key areas of work are:

  • International;
  • Commercial opportunities;
  • Big Theme.

During 2016-17, the Cultural Partnerships Officer’s areas of activity will include:

  • Activities to support museums and the wider cultural sector to take part in the annual Hampshire Big Theme programme of exhibitions, events and digital experiences.
  • Facilitation of the effective evolution of the Hampshire Solent Alliance;
  • Dissemination of good practice in arts business - cultural partnership working, developing resources and peer support mechanisms for the sharing of skills;
  • Activities that support museums to share their learning and experience in realising the commercial potential of collections.

Cultural partnership news and opportunities are publicised through our newsletter.

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The Cultural Partnerships Officer role supports all four of our 2015-18 key themes:

Active Collections
Great Experiences
Better Business
Strong Leadership