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Corporate Sponsorship Support grants 2017

Further Information

The grants aim to help eligible museums who wish to invest in their corporate sponsorship programme. To be successful, your proposals must show that you are committed to:

  • Concentrating on a target group or type of organisation that is defined sufficiently to tailor a sponsorship offer to 
  • Researching the needs and motivations of your target group and taking those into account when planning the offer
  • Seting yourself realistic targets against which you will measure the success of the proposals

All applications must be submitted by Friday, 10th February 2017 before 4pm. The successful applicants will be informed by Tuesday, 14th February.

The project must start by 1st March and be completed by 1 June 2017.

The funding can be used for any costs that are directly and specifically attributable to the project, and thus, are additional to your running costs. Eligible costs may include, for example:

  • Hosting a corporate networking event at your museum to raise awareness for your sponsorship opportunities
  • Paying for extra staff time to support a corporate sponsorship offer or marketing
  • Producing marketing materials to promote your sponsorship package
  • Commissioning expert advice to help you develop new sponsorship opportunities
  • Investing in equipment which will help you attract new corporate sponsors
  • Attending training or networking events delivered externally that will support a sponsorship programme

Scheme Guidelines

Please read the scheme guidelines carefully. Any applications received via our online application process will be bound by these guidelines.


Download CSG_2017_Guidelines.doc...

Access to the Application Forms

Please use the links below to submit your application.


To help you in the preparation of your submission, pleae find a pdf version of the survey attached below. Please note that only applications that are submitting using the online form are eligible for funding.

Download CSG_2017_DRAFT_application_form_1.pdf...