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Corporate Partnership Support 2016


Corporate partnerships can help museums learn from the business sector and benefit from sponsorships and non-cash contributions. They may also raise confidence within the museum sector to recognise the fantastic assets and resources we have at our disposal - and which can be the envy of commercial operations.

Plans for 2016-17

We have identified in our business plan, that we seek to help museums become more enterprising, as well as to work in partnership and supporting skilled and experienced teams. This support programme will be designed to respond to both strategic aims, by providing the following:

  • Business Networking opportunities in partnership with Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, Tourism SE and Business South
  • Linking with Catalyst: Inspiring a Culture of Philanthropy project and its support in attracting coprorate sponsorship
  • Brokering placements for students from local Business Schools to explore opportunities to grow profitability and engage with corporate partners

And more. We are constantly reviewing opportunities to extend the this programme. If you have ideas you would like to discuss further, please contact your Museum Development Officer.

Upcoming events to join in:

Business South Champion Breakfast Meeting

Thursday, 19 May at Royal Southampton Yacht Club

An opportunity to find out more about the latest news and views on our patch regarding visitor insights, top attractions and the important role culture plays in attracting businesses to the region.

Find out more here

Apply for financial support from SEMDP to cover your costs to attend this event here