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  • The following webinars are provided by the Institute of Fundraising and the Heritage Alliance. Some are forthcoming while others are pre-recorded. To access the webinars you will need to register first. Each lasts approximately 45 minutes and are case-study led. Topics include crowdfunding; audience analysis; accessing matched funding; planning fundraising strategies and campaigns; individual giving; partnering with larger organisations; digital fundraising and fundraising from corporates.
  • The following webinar is from the 'Giving to Heritage' HLF Catalyst project. Insititute of Fundraising trainer, Jo O'Sullivan, provides an overview on the importance of having a strong 'case for support'. Michael McKeague from the Churches Conservation Trust also highlights the need for high quality marketing materials. Furthermore, St Nicholas' Chapel was able to widen the appeal and impact of the project by partnering with the Churches Conservation Trust. Listen in to learn more about this targeted case for support and the tools needed to make an effective campaign:
    Marketing your organisation: 'Calling All Angels' (published Oct. 2015), St Nicholas' Chapel King's Lynn
  • In the next webinar 'Developing a Legacy Strategy' (published Oct. 2015), Claire Routley, an Institute of Fundraising trainer and consultant provides an introduction to legacy fundraising for heritage and the research available in the field generally. Mary Atkins, Head of Fundraising at the Country Trust explains how to take research findings and convert them into a simple but effective legacy campaign.
  • 'Effective Fundraising Leadership' (published Oct. 2015) offers a guide to creating the leadership structures that will help you drive and support major giving. Whether you are raising funds for on-going programmes, core costs, a capital campaign, an endowment fund or a combination of these, motivated and focused leadership are essential. Valentine Morby, Institute of Fundraising, expert and trainer, provides an overview of effective leadership when considering fundraising and is joined by Melanie Stoutzker, a development consultant in the cultural and heritage sector.
  • 'Knowing your worth - partnering with bigger institutions' (published Nov. 2015) In this Giving to Heritage webinar, Dr Laura Yates from the Gladstone Library discusses the potential advantages of partnering with larger institutions which have more people, power and money - as shown by their recent success.