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2017 - 2018 Programmes BOB

There's so much going on to help Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire museums to thrive.

In delivering Museum Development, we will challenge museums to be more imaginative and creative, and to develop a clearer understanding of their purpose as golden threads running through all museum development.  In particular, we will focus our work around four key themes:

  • Active Collections: Excellent practice in collections management care, access and interpretation
  • Great Experiences: Effective communication of a multi-faceted offer, providing real life-long learning, engaging diverse communities and contributing to social agendas
  • Better Business: Enterprising and income savvy, building relevant fundraising with a mature approach to finance management
  • Strong Leadership: Pro-active leaders, developing a diverse and skilled workforce, addressing succession planning through continual improvement

There will also be ongoing support through site visits and various networks.

This year, museums, museum networks / groups and individuals can all apply for a 'Development Grant'. You can find out more about these here.