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2013 - 2014 Previous Programme SEWS

•Thanks to funding from the Royal Pavilion and Museums’ ACE Major Grant, we have recruited a Preventative Conservation Officer: Emily Nisbet-Hawkins. Emily will take forward the preventative conservation needs and issues raised as a result of the SEWS/KEN Remedial Conservation project and work directly with museum teams on training and developing good house-keeping and preventative conservation practice, knowledge and confidence.

•Take our previous work on digital platforms further by providing training to museums to develop their own digital strategies and improve their use of digital technologies.

•Extend, embed and evaluate the learning and impact of the Sustainable Volunteering project.

•Provide targeted ‘Micro-Consultancies’ to help support your organisation overcome a particular developmental hurdle. Your project should be a priority within your Forward Plan but should also meet the objectives of the SEWS Museum Development Programme – e.g. income generation, organisational health, understanding audiences, collections reviews, and succession planning.

•Accreditation: support and training for museums submitting Returns or applying for the first time; and support for existing Museum Mentors and recruit new Mentors.

•Work regionally to develop and establish a common data collection framework, so that visitor/user data can be captured in a useful, consistent way and be used to evidence the reach and value of the museums sector in the south east.

•Work with the South East Bridge organisation, Artswork, to extend the range and quality of services in museums for children and young people, especially thorugh the Arts Award programme.

•Support museums and their partners to develop 1914 Centenary initiatives.